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Affiliate Program

Thanks for your interest in AILIN CAT affiliate program. We are looking for good quality websites and fashion influencers (Instagram/Youtube/Facebook) to join our affiliate program. By referring customers to, you will get up to 15% commission from all recommended sales.

AILIN CAT is a fashion shoe brand from factory directly. We have the fashionable design, high-quality genuine leather, and more than 15 years' experience of handmade high heels. We aim to combine the manufacturing of genuine leather shoes in Guangzhou with the fashionable design in Europe, offering all the ladies who pursue high quality living condition can enjoy the fashion at an affordable price.

Every fashionable lady, will be able to buy high quality and cost-effective fashion leather shoes directly from the factory.

We warmly welcome you to join our AILIN CAT brand promotion program for free, providing new shoes options for fashionable ladies around the world.

Why do choose to join AILIN CAT affiliate program?
Free to join, enjoy to share. We have professional teams to cooperate with you. All you need to do is sharing the exclusive URL link that we offer you to your website or social media account. When the customers purchase the products through your exclusive URL link and complete the order, you will get the commission. Through our affiliate program, you can earn more commission, we will try our best to help you earn more money, and if you need any help or have any ideas, please feel free to contact us: [email protected]

The terms of AILIN CAT affiliate program
1) Ensure to make it easier for you to recommend AILIN CAT, also make it more accurate for us to do statistics of your promotion achievements and count your commission, we’ll provide you an exclusive and unique URL link. You’ll only be authorized to use this URL link to promote our products, if you promote our products in some other ways, such as, using our brand name AILIN CAT, website or AILIN CAT + key words to promote our products on search engines, you will probably not get commission, because we can't accurate statistics of your sales.

2) When the customers access AILIN through your exclusive URL link, place an order and complete it, your sales will be updated immediately by the system. We’ll calculate your commission based on your total sale of last month (All the completed orders) before the 5th day of each month, and pay you via paypal.

3) AILIN CAT affiliate program standard fees schedule:



0$ < Sales per month < 3000$


Sales per month >= 3000$


Sales per month >= 5000$


Sales per month >= 8000$


Sales per month >= 15000$


4) If you have any ideas about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact our customer service: [email protected]

AILIN CAT can provide value to our customers
Warm and thoughtful service, handmade genuine leather shoes, the best price, high quality, free shipping worldwide, big discount and coupons, weekly promotions, birthday wishes and gifts for members, simple shopping process, quick response to return and exchange service.

We value our affiliated friends, and we hope you will enjoy working with us. To adapt to the rapid development of the market, welcome to give us any good suggestion or idea on promoting our products.

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